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My Photo Gallery

These are some shots of Mustang stuff.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

Warning!!  Some of these are big files!

My engine bay (this is somewhat dated).

A view of my Jet-Hot Coated headers

A good friend about to go for the ride of his life! Way to go Bob!

Me during my first day of Open Track (notice the big grin?).

Two old farts!


My car before it's first Open Track session...

My dad and I after our session together

This is what the car currently looks like (from the 2002 Fall Classic at Thunderhill).

A shot of the interior

Can you believe it?

Coming out of the esses at Thunderhill

Crazy Brit!!

This is the first time I saw my 97 GT

Bill and I (I got out of his way shortly after this was taken)

My new VictoRacers!

Me and Sherman heading into 7


Clean up your driveway the easy way: with Stiction!

After a hard days work

This is what it looked like after the 2003 Fall Classic - with three different drivers!

Dave after his first Solo ride! Woof!

Gotta love the cow!

Between 2 and 3

Street or Track at Mini-Nats XX

The hairpin

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