The Mach One




My Mach One - well, it USED to be mine!

I have always wanted a Fastback and the 69 or 70 was what I really, really wanted.  Well, in July, 2000, I finally got a hold of a 69 Mach 1.  It was an M code (351W 4v) 4 speed car and, while it wasn't the prettiest, it was a MANLY car!!  I drove it for a little over a year and we quickly coined the phrase "The Mach One Effect."  It really has some torque and is LOUD!  I loved it!  Alas, after painting my coupe and getting out for some Open Track, I realized that I would never be able to support two Mustangs (in terms of time that I have to work on them).

I casually mentioned this to my Brother In Law and Best Friend, David, and he said "I might be interested!" in a tone of voice that made me go "Uh oh!"  Well, if anyone was going to get that car it was going to be him and, in 2002 he became a Muscle Car Fiend once again!  He is a phenomenon when it comes to cars (did I mention, he's a Ford Technician?).  He has that Beast running VERY well and will be joining the BCG Racing Team before too long and I am looking forward to waving him by on a regular basis!

David has been going nuts on this car!  All new suspension from the rear leafs to the lower control arms!  It is getting better and better and hopefully he'll be ready at the upcoming Spring Sprint at Thunderhill!!  In the meantime, he's been getting a feel for the track in my 67 Coupe.  He's going to be an awesome driver and is light years ahead of where I was when I first started driving Open Track.

At Mini-Nats XX, he got his first sessions behind the wheel and really had a great time (not to mention he makes just about everyone else in Yellow Group look bad!).  Here's a shot of him after his first session (I think he was making an Ooo-Oooo noise!)...

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