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OK, this isn't really about me: you want to know about the car!  I've had this car for over 20 years now.  I bought it from my twin brother who had bought it a year earlier from a school teacher (not a little old lady).  It was in completely stock trim and it took me about a week to make my first mod (tires and wheels).  It's a San Josť car and has lived in the Bay Area since it was "born."

The car was my daily driver for about 6 years, but then was parked for about 13 years (inside) until I began a restoration in 1998.  The goal at that time was to build a car that handled well.  When I got it back on the road in the summer of '98 I took it to the Nor Cal Shelby Club Mini Nats at Sears Point.  I took it out for a parade lap and my goal changed: I was hooked and the car was destined for Open Track!  Took it back off the road and began to paint it (it wasn't fit for Open Track).

While Open Track is NOT racing, it is just about the most fun you can imagine!  Putting the car through it's paces and improving my skills are SO much fun!

These are the modifications I've made to the car:


4 Wheel Disc Brakes (Wilwood) 

Rotors - 11.75 front, 12 inch rear,

4 piston Dynalite II calipers

Porterfield R-4 pads

Bendix Master Cylinder


Kumho Victoracer 245/45/16 tires

Custom Alignment Specs (-2.7 degrees Camber, 3.0 degrees Caster, 1/8 inch toe-in)

16 X 8 American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels (4.75 backspacing)



Heavy Duty, boxed Upper A arms and Lower Control arms with adjusted ball joint angle (Maier's Racing)

Shelby A arm drop (1 inch)

620 Springs (custom cut)

Heavy Duty, lowered leaf springs (from Maier's Racing)

1" front sway bar (removed 3/4" adjustable rear sway bar - didn't like it on the track)

TCP Subframe Connectors (front to back and X cage)

TCP Shock Tower Brace Kit (all 3 stages)

Spax adjustable shocks (front and rear)

Heavy Duty Adjustable Strut Rods from Street or Track

Polyurethane bushings everywhere

New steering linage, idler arm

Baer Bumpsteer kit



Holley 4 Barrel Carb (ask me why I ditched the Edelbrock, even though it's a great carb)

Ford Motorsport Cam

Canton 9 Quart Road Race Oil Pan (from Street or Track)

Accusump 2 Quart Pre-Oiler (#24-026) with electronic valve

Pertronix Ignitor and Flamethrower Coil

Hooker Super Comp full length Headers (Jet Hot Coated)

Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers

Dr. Gas X Pipe

2 1/4 inch dual exhaust out to the valance (great job done by Mike at Meineke in Concord, CA)


Five speed overdrive transmission (T5Z Super Heavy Duty with 2.95 first and .63 fifth).

Cable clutch and late model bellhousing from Bruce Couture at Modern Driveline

Aluminum flywheel/ Dual Friction clutch (kevlar/organic) also from Modern Driveline

Traction Loc (8 inch) differential with 3.55 Richmond gears (rebuilt in 2002)

Aluminum Driveshaft from Mustang Plus


Autopower Rollbar (4 point with cross brace)

Shelby Hoodscoop on fiberglass hood

Shelby lower side scoops

Racing Apron with molded spoiler

Sport Recliner Seats from Scat (these hold your butt in place good!)

Pyrotech 5 point racing harness with camlock

Lowered seat pans (more clearance to steering wheel)

Ducting for the front brakes


As you can tell, I wanted to be able to turn and stop before I did too much work on the engine.

In 2000, I got my hands on a 1969 Mach One!!  Such a stud of a car!!  Check out a brief story and some pictures here.  While it is no longer mine, it will be out on the track alongside me in April (well, it will be alongside me for the short period of time it takes to pass me!).  David G will be piloting it at the Spring Sprint (except for the session or two we'll swap!).



I would like to thank my Brother-In-Law, David, for handling most of the really difficult work - he's a Ford Technician (what luck!). I would also like to thank my sister, Ceri, not just for letting me "borrow" Dave, but for being such a great sister (if you know her, you know what I mean - she Rocks!). I also have to thank Shaun Burgess (and his wife Chris) for the endless hours spent painting this beast!

Of course, I also have to thank my friends (Shaun and Bill) at Street or Track for all the help they've given me getting the car prepped for the track.  Two great guys with wonderful families: they are what this sport is all about!

Finally, I have to thank my wife and kids.  From giving me the time to do this to grabbing wrenches or holding fenders, I couldn't have done any of this without them!

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